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October 13, 2009

drop it like it’s hot

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looking for ring ideas? or maybe… just lookin’? perhaps these modern baubles can help you drop a hint. ;)

canturi_needlelove the needle-thin baguettes on this stunning canturi diamond solitaire ring

byamt.comHow about a funky acrylic diamond ring by Alissia Melka-Teichroew

diorOUIjust say oui! with Dior‘s Oui Ring (also featuring Oui cocktail ring)

diorOUIgemswho says it’s gotta be colorless? can’t stop drooling over these colorful eye candies by Dior (loving the oui setting)

www.stkildajewelry.comI didn’t take myself for much of a vintage girl but I can’t stop staring at this set. the pink.. the milligrain.. the LOVE. St Kilda Emerald Solitaire with rose gold pink sapphire eternity band and skinny white gold diamond baguettes ring

stkildaLOVEbandnot into all that bling? nothing spells out L-O-V-E better than this beautifully simplistic St Kilda loved band

Rings stackedthese rings pack some punch! Sydney Evan knows how to create something edgy and still refined.

carriewestondiamondringNow this is a diamond with a sense of humor. Be sure to check out Carrie Weston‘s other whimsical designs! (you won’t regret it, i promise!)

canturi2-bezelI can’t love this ring any more than I already do. it’s just not possible. Canturi‘s Princess Solitaire bezel with cubism band.


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