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January 17, 2011

recent etsy purchase: Verabel’s vintage locket

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I love staring at the colors. The shop is on vacation right now, but in the mean time, read Verabel’s story.
The closing quote is awesome, and just what I needed for the new year:

“Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results.” — James Allen


January 2, 2010

beautiful thick twine & Italian cotton ribbons!

I’m a lover of beautiful twine and ribbons. they really add a special touch to any packaging. Many people have asked where I got the twine used for our wedding invitations as those were particularly thick. I’ve searched high and low and the best source I’ve found is Angela Liguori’s shop. She ships worldwide and also carries a collection of beautiful Italian cotton ribbons! if you act quick, there’s a giveaway for twine/ribbons/stationary!

Here’s a cute post of various projects created by her customers!

No.1 Papermade No.2 Nouveau Design No.3 Lizzy House
No.4 Maya*Made No.5 Flora and Ceres No.6 Jill Bent
No.7 Alee and Press No.8 for Charym, packaging by Korn Design
No.9 Perideau Designs No.10 Simple and Pretty No.11 May Day Studio
No. 12 Parrott Design Studio No. 13 Truly Smitten No. 14 Bookhou
No.15 Purl Bee No.16 Satsuma Press No. 17 So Beautiful Paper
No.18 “Unlimited” a portfolio of prints No. 19 Sewing on tapes , workshop in collaboration with Albertine Press
No. 20 Angela’s children drawings!

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